Variables for the nama_q file

b1gm : Gross domestic product, which can be decomposed in 2 ways : production and expenditures.

GDP production approach :
b1g : Gross value added
d21_m_d31 : Taxes less subsidies on production and imports
This approach is not very interesting here since the decomposition of value added by industry is not available (here, because I'm sure it is available somewhere).

GDP expenditure approach
p3 : Final consumption expenditure
    p3_p5 : Domestic demand
    p3_s13 : Final consumption expenditure: general government
    p31_s14 : Final consumption expenditure: households
    p31_s14_s15 : Final consumption expenditure: household and NPISH
    p31_s15 :  Final consumption expenditure: NPISH
p5 : Gross capital formation
    p51 : Gross fixed capital formation - total
        p51-ab : Gross fixed capital formation: products of agriculture
        p51-dm : Gross fixed capital formation: transport equipment
        p51-fa : Gross fixed capital formation: construction work - housing
        p51-fb : Gross fixed capital formation: construction work - other constructions
        p51-met : Gross fixed capital formation: metal products and machinery
        p51-oth : Gross fixed capital formation: other products
    p52 : Changes in inventories
    p53 : Acquisition less disposals of valuables
b11 : External balance: total
    b111 : External balance: goods
    b112 : External balance: services
    p6 : Exports of goods and services
        p61 : Exports of goods
        p62 : Exports of services
    p7 : Imports of goods and services
        p71 : Imports of goods
        p72 : Imports of services
Of course :

Other :
p119 : Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)