Economist and statistician
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Education  : National school of economics and statistics ensae + master of statistics (and some other things)

Since 2008, august , I work for the French Treasury, on pension schemes. The French pension system is very complex : there are numerous pension schemes, the rules are intricated. Therefore, it requires a lot of brainstorming to understand how it works, and how it can be improved : this is what I am aiming at.

Before that, I worked for the French National Statistics Institute, where I compute and analyse quarterly GDP and components (such as consumption expenditure, GFCF, exports/imports of services and goods, etc.). During those two years, I did mainly two things (besides the basics) : 1rst is changing the volume concept, to chain linked volumes (it was a hard time, maybe even more for our users); 2nd is the co-editing of the Business Cycle Analysis document prepared by the French National Statistical Institute.

 I was formerly in charge of the sector accounts : the French system is great, since it contains all the non-financial accounts (financial accounts are constructed by the Banque de France), for all institutional sectors. The French social and fiscal system is very dense, and I needed to understand the main lines and some very small details sometimes. I learned a lot on this job.

 Time series analysis is very important for my job in the Quarterly National Accounts, I have therefore written tools for the R software.